blair anderson, artist in residence, director


Blair brings 35 years experience of silversmithing to Glen Echo Park as founder of SilverWorks Studio & Gallery and Studio 2: Hot metal.  An award winning artist, represented by thirty+ galleries throughout North America, Blair has shown her work in one-woman shows as well as juried fine craft shows. Previous awards include a Canadian grant for The Works, a public installation of her framed wearable art and a NICHE award for her one-of-a-kind eyewear. Following the trajectory as a metal artist she opened Blair Originals Gallery and founded the Wetaskiwin Silversmith Guild where she was the primary instructor.

Taking silversmithing to a new level, Blair’s framed wearable art  represents personal journeys by telling a story with metal and precious stones. These works are more than jewelry having a depth of content  often dealing with themes of social justice, spiritual awareness, and women’s issues.

Blair is married to her best friend, Bryan and they have one son, Daniel, an artist, writer, and web developer. Bryan and Blair live in Silver Spring, MD.

Blair loves to introduce the art form to others by sharing her knowledge and her studios. Classes are informal and fun and include basic silversmithing techniques, intermediate learning, and explores multiple techniques in this time honored craft.

Stop by and view an ongoing show of her works at Silverworks Studio and Gallery open to the public.

Blair 1989

Show 2010 Online:

When The Silver Speaks: Stories in Wearable Art

Haul Water, Carry Sticks

Depicting all Women


Silver, Blister Pearl, Bead Pearls, Garnet

Show 2011 Online:

The Fifth Element: Stories in Wearable Art

Roots So Deep

Where we come from.


Silver, Boulder Opal, Peach Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Moonstone

Show 2012 Online:

Captured in Time: History We Wear

Brood XIX: Minding Your Muse


Silver, Cicada wings, Peridot, Moonstone

Previously shown in these galleries:

Collections, Edmonton Alberta Canada,

Seldom Seen, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Del Mano, Pasadena, California

Virginia Brier, San Francisco California

Rubaiyat, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Onyx, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Caelin Artworks, Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada

Blair Originals, Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada

...and many more over the years.

Show 2013 Online:

Wearable PINK: Stories of Survival

More To Life

Sterling Silver, Rose Quartz, Beach Glass, Moonstone

Show 2014 Online:

5 Years of SilverWorks: A Celebration of Techniques.

A Day At The Beach

Sterling Silver, Beach Glass

Blair in SilverWorks Studio 1

Show 2016 Online:



Sterling Silver, Moonstone

Roots So Deep